At Piedmont Medical Center, we provide advanced surgical care for the treatment of nervous system diseases and injuries that require surgery. Our team of experienced neurosurgeons use their skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure that you recover quickly following any surgical procedure and get back to your daily life as early as possible.

Expert Surgical Care for the Most Complex Neurological Conditions

Neurological disorders and injuries are considered to be one of the most complex medical conditions. To help you work towards an independent, healthy life following a nervous system injury or illness, Piedmont Medical Center offers expert neurosurgery services.

Piedmont Medical Center’s aim is to provide you an environment where you can recover quickly and achieve your desired level of health and wellness. We achieve this with the help of our expert and compassionate healthcare professionals who are always ready to go to the extra mile to support you on your journey to wellness.

Our experienced neurologists and neurosurgeons not only provide you quality surgical and medical care, but also offer you the support and care you need to cope with your health-related challenges.


At Piedmont Medical Center, we provide comprehensive personalized medical and surgical care for the following neurological conditions including:

    • Tumors and aneurysms
    • Arteriovenous malformations
    • Degenerative spine disease
    • Carotid and vertebral artery disease
    • Degenerative spine disease
    • Hemi-facial spasms
    • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty
    • Cerebrovascular and extra-cranial vascular disease

Comprehensive Neurological Care Provided By Expert Professionals

Being a leading healthcare organization of the region, Piedmont Medical Center aims to provide comprehensive neurosurgery services to the community. Our team of neurosurgeons and neurologists are trained in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of a variety of neurological disorders.

Rehabilitation After Stroke

Our comprehensive program provides a holistic approach to recovery after brain injury and stroke through various focused therapies. These therapies include:

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