Comprehensive care — when and where you need it

When you come to a hospital, you may not know exactly what’s wrong. All you know is that you need help.

When you go to the hospital, you expect to find the specialized help you need without having to visit a number of different locations. At Piedmont Medical Center, you will find the healthcare you need, when you need it. We offer multiple procedures and specialties, so you can get your exams, have a diagnostic scan, schedule a surgery and manage your pain – all in one place.

Talk to an expert and get the treatment you need today.

Find A Physician

Chaplains are available upon request – just notify your nurse or call the hospital operator.  
If you need critical care at Piedmont, you’ll get the attention you need from our team of health care providers.
Piedmont’s on-site clinical laboratory provides comprehensive testing to help your physician treat you.
Living with pain is no way to go through life. Whether it's back, knee or arm pain you're dealing with, we can help you heal.
Our Care Connection palliative care team is here to help you navigate the healthcare process and provide emotional and spiritual support, as well as comfort for you and your family. 
Our pharmacy department plays an integral role in the safe, high-quality care that we provide at Piedmont Medical Center.
Learn more about Piedmont's psychiatry program and everything we treat.
Most people experience some form of sleep disorder at one point in their lives — but there is help. Learn how our Sleep Center can help.
Wounds that won't heal shouldn't confine you to a life of pain. Learn how our advanced approaches can help.