Mother & Baby

At Piedmont Medical Center, we are committed to making your pregnancy and childbirth experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our board-certified physicians and nursing staff are dedicated to giving expectant mothers the maternity care they want and need.

The Women's Tower

The Piedmont Medical Center Women’s Tower is an advanced women's center, including fully furnished labor/delivery rooms and family care suites designed with mothers and their babies in mind. Our Level III NICU is well equipped to provide advanced medical treatments for premature infants and infants who are sick or may have complications.

Family Care Suites

Families can begin bonding with their special deliveries in Family Care Suites designed with the comfort of new moms and their babies in mind. Each room is private to allow moms to relax with ease as they get to know their newest family members. Rooms provide sleeping accommodations for any new mother’s support person. In addition, each room includes a flat screen television, DVD player, free wireless internet and table and chair for dining in-room. Bathrooms feature a large soaking tub for further relaxation.

>Well-babies will room-in with new moms 24 hours a day, providing the opportunity for family bonding. Individual, bedside instruction for parents by nursing staff is available 24/7.

Accommodating Your Unique Birth Plan

There are many decisions to make about the birth of your child, from picking a name and a hospital to deciding whether to have a natural or medicated birth. We know that every parent has their own preferences when it comes to welcoming their new addition, and we’re proud to be able to accommodate a variety of birth experiences.

Our highest priorities are the health and comfort of you and your baby. That’s why families are welcome to bring anything they feel that they will need or want during their stay, and mom is invited to wear whatever she feels comfortable wearing during her labor. We encourage expectant moms in labor to move and walk around as much as they would like. Our labor and delivery rooms feature birthing beds that allow for mom to deliver in whatever position she prefers. Birthing balls and squatting bars are also options that are available upon request.

Maternity Health

A healthy pregnancy is important to the health of your baby. Talk with your doctor about good habits for pregnancy nutrition and the importance of regular prenatal care.

Preparation Classes for the Whole Family

Piedmont Medical Center offers a range of educational opportunities for expectant parents and families to prepare for the birth and care of their newborn. There are classes offered at no cost to patients who are registered to deliver at Piedmont Medical Center.

These courses include:

Advanced, Compassionate Care for the Unexpected

We are proud to offer an OB/GYN physician laborist program in which a board-certified OB/GYN is available onsite 24/7, ready to care for soon-to-be mothers experiencing premature labor and other urgent medical situations. After delivery, new mothers will receive visits from an exceptional medical team made up of a lactation consultant, obstetrician, anesthesiologist, and pediatrician to answer questions and discuss what to expect during recovery. Learn about our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Family Bonding

Piedmont Medical Center is also proud to offer the “couplet care” approach for mothers and their new babies. Through this method, one nurse provides care for both mother and baby so that mom always has easy access to health updates regarding her infant. With approval from the doctor, babies are able to stay in the same room with mom to allow the opportunity for family bonding. Our nursing staff is available around-the-clock to provide care and bedside instruction for new moms.


Your new infant’s care will be managed by our board-certified neonatologists, registered nurses and respiratory therapists. For newborns requiring additional medical care, the Level III NICU at Piedmont is a South Carolina Level III neonatal intensive care unit, equipped to provide advanced medical treatments for babies born as early as 26 weeks, and those who are sick or have complications.

Giving Your Baby a Healthy Start

Our board-certified lactation consultants specialize in assisting breastfeeding mothers and are available throughout the breastfeeding process. During your first week at home, your lactation consultant will follow up with you to offer support, information and assurance. Mothers who have delivered at Piedmont Medical Center may also request complimentary outpatient appointments for additional lactation consultations or weight checks for your baby. Learn more about Breastfeeding, it's benefits, and how we can assist you with having a successful breastfeeding journey.

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