Coronary Artery Bypass

Piedmont Medical Center delivers patient-centered care in a compassionate environment. Turn to our medical team to help you or your loved one navigate heart disease. Our skilled surgeons use endoscopic vein harvesting to conduct coronary artery bypass in Rock Hill, SC. We invite you to learn more about our approach and to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Understanding Coronary Heart Disease

Blocked arteries are the underlying cause for coronary heart disease. As plaque – composed of fats, cholesterol, and other substances – builds up in the arteries, it causes them to narrow and limits the supply of oxygen-rich blood that flows to the heart. In the early stages of coronary artery disease, there may not be any symptoms that occur. As the disease progresses, so will the reactions of the body. Symptoms of a blocked artery include:

  • Severe Chest Pains
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Hands & Feet Swelling
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Abnormal Heart Beats

While it is not a cure for coronary artery disease, coronary bypass surgery is an effective procedure that mitigates these symptoms. It not only improves heart function but can reduce the risk of death due to heart disease.

Endoscopic Vein Harvesting & Treatment Plan

To perform coronary bypass surgery, Piedmont Medical Center uses the method of endoscopic vein harvesting, or EVH. This is the preferred method to collect healthy blood vessels from another part of your body, such as your arm or leg, because it does not require a large incision. This lessens the potential for infection, as well as decreases your hospital stay and overall recovery time.

In addition to alleviating your symptoms through coronary artery bypass surgery, lifestyle changes will also play a big role. These include:

  • Staying Active
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Eating a Healthy Diet

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery