Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) is an integral part of hospital governance. The MEC, with input from the medical staff, makes key leadership decisions related to medical staff policies, procedures, and rules, with an emphasis on quality control and quality improvement initiatives.  The MEC represents and acts on behalf of the medical staff. They also enforce medical staff rules and policies. Another responsibility for this volunteer group of physicians is ensuring that the medical staff functions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Below, you will find a list of the physicians currently serving on the PMC Medical Executive Committee.

Greg Parsons, MD
Past Chief of Staff
Photo of Greg Parsons, MD
Larry Pennington, MD
Chief of Staff - Gastroenterology 
Photo of Larry Pennington, MD
Peter Zakow, MD
Photo of Peter Zakow, MD
Carrie Watson, DO
Trauma Medical Director
Photo of Carrie Watson, DO
Mark T. Billman, MD
Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Photo of Mark T. Billman, MD
Alex Espinal, MD
Photo of Alex Espinal, MD
Karen Jenkins, MD
Photo of Karen Jenkins, MD
Nathaniel Kesner, DO
Photo of Nathaniel Kesner, DO
Greg Jones, MD
Photo of Greg Jones, MD
Tyler Pierce, MD
Photo of Tyler Pierce, MD
Carlos Paxtor, MD
Photo of Carlos Paxtor, MD
Jonathan Elias, MD
Photo of Jonathan Elias, MD
Saket Singh, MD
Photo of Saket Singh, MD
Roger Stone, MD
Photo of Roger Stone, MD