Governing Board

James C. (Toy) Rhea, III
Board Chair - Gala Affairs
Photo of James C. (Toy) Rhea, III
Larry Pennington, MD
Chief of Staff - Gastroenterology 
Photo of Larry Pennington, MD
Mark T. Billman, MD
Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Photo of Mark T. Billman, MD
Allan Miller
Photo of Allan Miller
Richard Richter, MD
Anesthesia Associates
Photo of Richard Richter, MD
Creighton Hayes
Wes Hayes Law Firm
Photo of Creighton Hayes
Wes Spurrier
Alight Solutions
Photo of Wes Spurrier
The Honorable Raye Felder
South Carolina House of Representatives District #26
Photo of The Honorable Raye Felder
Craig Hart, MD
York Pathology
Photo of Craig Hart, MD
Tim Kelly, MD
Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
Photo of Tim Kelly, MD
Dawn Johnson
State Farm
Photo of Dawn Johnson
Kristy Spears
Fort Mill School Board
Photo of Kristy Spears
Nathaniel Kesner, DO
Photo of Nathaniel Kesner, DO