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Governing Board

Richard Richter, MD
  • Board Chair, Anesthesia Associates
Photo of Richard Richter, MD
Mark T. Billman, MD
  • Chief of Staff, Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Photo of Mark T. Billman, MD
Melanie Jones
  • York Technical College
Photo of Melanie Jones
Jay K. Shah, MD
  • Carolina Cardiology Associates
Photo of Jay K. Shah, MD
Creighton Hayes
  • Wes Hayes Law Firm
Photo of Creighton Hayes
Wes Spurrier
  • Alight Solutions
Photo of Wes Spurrier
James C. (Toy) Rhea, III
  • Gala Affairs
Photo of James C. (Toy) Rhea, III
The Honorable Raye Felder
  • South Carolina House of Representatives District #26
Photo of The Honorable Raye Felder
Karen Jenkins, MD
  • TeamHealth
Photo of Karen Jenkins, MD
Craig Hart, MD
  • York Pathology
Photo of Craig Hart, MD
Allan Miller
  • WRHI
Photo of Allan Miller
Tim Kelly, MD
  • Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
Photo of Tim Kelly, MD