Natural Birth

Working Together to Accommodate Your Desired Birth Plan

When you are preparing for the birth of a new child, it may feel like there are a million decisions to be made. You have your own expectations for your labor and delivery, and want to make sure that the doctor and hospital you've chosen understand your priorities and preferences. At Piedmont Medical Center, we respect your choices and are happy to adjust to serve a range of birth plans. Whether you decide to have a medicated or non-medicated, natural birth, you can rest assured that keeping you and your new addition healthy and comfortable are always our top priorities.

We value your birth plan and strive to accommodate your needs for your big day. We encourage families to bring anything that they will need or want to remain cozy during their stay with us. During labor, expectant moms are welcome to wear what they like, walk and move around, and eat or drink as they please as long as they haven't received an epidural. Upon request, we can provide tools like birthing balls and squatting bars to those who prefer them. Our labor and delivery suites are also equipped with birthing beds that can accommodate several different positions for delivery to help control your pain and keep you as relaxed as possible.

Non-pharmacological Assistance in Labor

While there are many types of medications and anesthetics to reduce the discomfort of childbirth, there are also some non-pharmacological methods of pain relief that are very effective. Some of these methods include patterned breathing, relaxation, and massage- all which help a mother focus and prepare for baby’s arrival. Mom and her support partner are encouraged to attend the Childbirth Preparation class offered here at Piedmont. This class is geared to providing expecting parents with knowledge and support for a successful labor. Click here to register for classes.

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