Compassionate Care for a Healthy, Happy Road Ahead

Following the delivery of your baby, you will receive visits from an obstetrician, anesthesiologist, pediatrician and other members of your medical team who will check on your recovery. Your nurse will answer questions and discuss what to expect during the proceeding hours, days and weeks, including information on pain management and self-care throughout recovery.

Piedmont Medical Center offers the “couplet care” approach through which one nurse provides care for both mom and her new baby, so new mothers always have easy access to updates on the health of their babies.

Physician Laborist Program

Quality Care Delivered 24/7

We provide 24-hour neonatology, surgical and pediatric medical services to give women and newborns the advanced services they need during life’s most special moments.

Our medical team features board-certified physicians including an on-staff neonatologist and pediatric hospitalist to care for your baby 24/7. In addition, highly skilled registered nurses and lactation consultants provide high-quality, compassionate care throughout your stay at Piedmont Medical Center.

Piedmont Medical Center is proud to offer an OB/GYN physician laborist program in which a board-certified OB/GYN is available onsite 24/7, ready to care for soon-to-be mothers experiencing premature labor and other urgent medical situations. For any mother-to-be, it’s comforting to know that expert care is available close to home, even during life’s most unexpected moments.  

Caring for Your Tiny Blessing

We are dedicated to providing each infant with skilled, compassionate nursing care. Parents are supported with the education and the encouragement needed to comfortably care for their newest addition at home.

For newborns requiring additional medical care, Piedmont Medical Center has a South Carolina Level III NICU, allowing us to provide high-quality care for mothers who experience premature delivery  and babies who need additional medical treatment. Infant care is managed and performed by a combination of skilled staff, including board-certified neonatologists, registered nurses and respiratory therapists.

Infant Security: You and Your Baby Can Sleep Peacefully Knowing You’re Safe and Sound

Piedmont Medical Center utilizes a technologically advanced security system to monitor your newborn’s safety. Upon delivery, your baby will wear a special bracelet to monitor your baby’s location at all times. Access to the women’s tower is restricted, limiting individuals on this unit. In addition, Piedmont Medical Center operates closed circuit cameras throughout our hospital to provide additional security of each patient.

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