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Cardiac Rehab

As a patient in the cardiac rehabilitation program at Piedmont Medical Center, we want you to be able to leave here and return to your active lifestyle – or at least have you well on your way. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing exceptional care and education to help you to regain your strength. We are committed to helping you reduce your risk for future cardiac events, and improve your overall quality of life.

Advanced Rehabilitative Care

The cardiac rehabilitation department at Piedmont Medical Center is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and includes a team of talented Registered Nurses, ACSM-certified Clinical Exercise Specialists, and Registered Dietitians. As a patient of the rehabilitation program, you will have access to a fully equipped gym where our clinical exercise specialists will teach you proper form and techniques for exercises that can help you improve your cardiac fitness. We also offer patients the opportunity to accompany a Registered Dietician on a grocery-shopping tour to learn how to shop with nutrition in mind.

A Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Phase I – Inpatient Education

Our cardiac rehab team works in conjunction with the cardiac care team to assist patients with early mobilization, ambulation and self-care activities in order to prepare for continued recovery at home. Both patients and their families have access to resources for support and education on the many topics that play an integral role in recovery: medication, nutrition, post-discharge exercise, diabetes education (if applicable), and heart-healthy lifestyle changes to alter any present risk factors. A physical therapist usually assists with this phase of the rehabilitation.

Phase II – Comprehensive Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation team meets with clients three times per week for a series of weeks after the patient is discharged. This allows the staff to get to know, understand, and support each client’s needs as they recover from their cardiac event. Patients in this phase of rehabilitation are monitored by wireless telemetry system to measure, record, and transmit information to the healthcare team about the patient’s cardiac state and ensure that there are no abnormalities that go undetected.

Phase III – Cardiac Rehabilitation/Supervised Exercise, Smoking Cessation Counseling

When it is deemed appropriate for cardiac patients to begin the next phase of their rehabilitation, an evaluation is conducted and an exercise regimen is prescribed based on health history and exercise goals. Our gym is equipped with strength training and cardiovascular exercise equipment including treadmills, Airdyne bicycles, and Biostep machines. It addition to exercise and a heart-healthy diet, smoking cessation is also an important component to reducing risk factors, and we offer counseling to support patients with this major lifestyle change.

Supporting Your Recovery

A major cardiac event can be a jolting experience for patients and their families. We offer monthly support groups for patients and their families through Mended Hearts, an international organization dedicated to supporting patients and families after this type of experience. Visit our class/support group page for more information about attending, or the organization website at We also partner with a local organization, the Heart2Heart Foundation, dedicated to increasing awareness of heart disease, particularly among women. Visit to learn more about the community programs, heart healthy screenings, and monthly lunch and learns they offer.

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