Cardiac Care

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of deaths in both men and women.

Piedmont Medical Center provides comprehensive cardiac care at its Heart and Vascular Center. From basic cardiac health screenings to complex open-heart surgeries, we offer comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services for a variety of cardiovascular issues.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care at Our Heart & Vascular Center

Piedmont Medical Center’s Heart and Vascular Center is about a comprehensive continuum of care that offers specialized cardiac care right from the diagnosis till post-surgery rehabilitation phase. Our team of board-certified cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, and other cardiac health specialists work relentlessly to offer a complete spectrum of heart care to patients.

Piedmont Medical Center maintains a dedicated CV-ICU, Cath Lab, and Cardiovascular/Telemetry unit in its Heart & Vascular Center to fulfill the advanced cardiac needs of its patients.

We provide a full range of preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for a wide range of heart diseases including:

  • Heart disease prevention with cardiac age screenings
  • Advanced diagnostics and electrophysiology
  • Medical therapy
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment
  • Open-heart surgeries

To learn more about our cardiac care services, call us at 803-329-1234.

Compassionate Care

At Piedmont Medical Center, we understand that patients undergoing treatment for a cardiac disease need extra care and attention. Therefore, at our Heart & Vascular Center, we have a chapter of Mended Hearts, a nation-wide network that offers support to cardiac patients and their caregivers.

Members of Mended Hearts regularly visit Piedmont Medical Center to offer some support and add a little sunshine to the lives of patients combating a cardiac disease.

As a patient at Piedmont Medical Center, you have access to exceptional cardiovascular services and fellowship-trained, board-certified heart specialists. Our team of cardiologists and vascular surgeons work tirelessly to ensure that you receive superior cardiovascular services.

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