Your health is our priority

Offering medical help in a friendly environment

Our doctors cover many specialties and subspecialties, giving our doctors extensive experience in treating your condition.

We take the time to listen and understand your health issues and concerns and give you an unhurried consultation.

At Piedmont Medical Center, our goals are simple:

  • When you visit our hospital, you will be treated in a friendly way.
  • Everyone from our doctors to staff members is helpful.
  • Apart from offering medical solutions and procedures, we aim to provide the best care to our patients.
  • We have specialized programs to help patients stay healthy and happy.

Get to know more about our team and decide for yourself.

Choosing a healthcare provider is crucial. In order to make the right decision, we’d like you to get to know our specialists and health professionals better.

We have a large and diverse team of physicians with expertise in varied fields of medicine. These professionals will be more than happy to help improve your health and offer sound advice.

Take advantage of our physician finder to find a healthcare professional for your health concerns quickly and efficiently.

Your Patient Rights

Understand Your Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient, you are entitled to certain rights and a level of respect from everyone who provides your care at Piedmont Medical Center. Our goal is to give you the care that is right for your condition, in a respectful manner, to help you get well as soon as possible.

Learn More

For a complete copy of the Patient Bill of Rights or to discuss these rights and responsibilities, please call the Office of Patient Advocates at 803-329-1234.

Filing a Complaint

While we will do everything in our power to give you the best care possible, you are entitled to direct any problems or complaints related to violations of your rights above. You can report your claim to the following place:

The Joint Commission Division of Accreditation Operations
1 Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
(800) 994-6610
Email: [email protected]

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