Childbirth and Parenting

The birth of your baby is an exciting event of your life, and you need extra care and assurance at this time. At Piedmont Medical Center, we provide childbirth and parenting support classes to help expectant parents feel supported and prepared for the birth of their child.

Piedmont Medical Center’s maternity and childcare experts specialists have designed educational material and resources to provide support and information on each stage of pregnancy and parenthood. In addition to this, we organize events and support groups where parents can voice their challenges or concerns and get expert advice.

Maternity Support for Mom and the Whole Family

In addition to helping parents prepare for the birth of their baby, Piedmont Medical Center offers a range of educational opportunities to their families as well. We understand that family plays an important role in everyone’s life, particularly at an emotional stage like pregnancy or childbirth. Therefore, we put emphasis on preparing family members for the arrival of a new family member. These educational services are provided at no cost to the families of our registered patients.

  • Grandparents 101 Class – This one-hour educational program is directed at helping grandparents learn the latest techniques used in newborn and infant care so that they can assist the new parents and care for their new grandchild.
  • Sibling Boot Camp – This fun educational activity is designed to help kids aged 3 to 6 years prepare for the arrival of their younger sibling. The class helps kids hold and care for the newborn baby.
  • Expectant Parents Tour – To make the expectant parents feel at home, Piedmont Medical Center organizes a tour of the Women tower. Expectant parents and their family members can take part in this activity and familiarize themselves with the facility and its amenities so they’ll be informed and comfortable.

In addition to this, our childbirth and parenting support courses and classes provide valuable information on the following aspects of parenthood including:

  • Childhood preparation
  • Infant massage
  • Infant care
  • Infant CPR
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Budgeting for your baby

To learn more about upcoming events and educational activities organized by Piedmont Medical Center, please visit our Maternity Events page. To register, please call us at 803 329 1234.

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