Jun 26, 2015

December marked the exciting grand reveal of our new and improved Emergency Department (ED), expanded and renovated to accommodate the more than 70,000 people that come through those doors each year. If you’ve been following our updates, you know that we were greatly anticipating the improvements, which included:

  • A brand new, expanded waiting room
  • A safe environment for psychiatric patients
  • An increase from 36 to 60 treatment areas

Yet another highlight of the new ED is the fully-equipped laboratory service area and in-department pharmacist that allow for a faster turnaround time on lab results and prescriptions. We’ve also equipped all of our patient rooms with tablets that help us provide patient education and allow our visitors to access games and entertainment while they’re with us. The tablets also serve as a way for patients to provide real-time feedback to the staff taking care of them, allowing us to make sure we are meeting the needs of each patient and providing exceptional care. 

Our own staff has been impressed with the way new features help to make their jobs a little bit easier. “In the old space, there were a handful of rooms that were a little smaller than the rest… it could get really difficult to fit the patient, the EMS personnel, two stretchers, and the ED staff all in the room at once,” said nurse Chelsea Sutton. [Now] it’s a lot easier to check a patient’s vital signs or give them pain medication.”

We’ve appreciated both the patience and the shared excitement from the community as we transition into our new space. Major change like this isn’t always easy, but we’ve been pleased to receive plenty of positive feedback and support! With this bigger and better space, we’re glad to have the opportunity to focus on our main goal – providing exceptional care for every person we have the privilege to serve.

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