Couple Retires After 30 Years at Piedmont Medical Center

Jul 6, 2018

Rock Hill, SC – Ron Myers joined the Navy to pay for anesthesia school and in the mid-70s, he found himself face-to-face with a young lady named Deb in class at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, SC. Deb had just finished nursing school at the University of South Carolina and went to anesthesia school because a surgeon told her she’d excel in the field. The two started dating right away.

They married in September 1978 (this year marks 40 years of marriage). One day while they were busy at work at Richland Memorial Hospital, Deb’s father was having surgery at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill and told his nurse about his anesthetist daughter and son-in-law. That nurse contacted her supervisor, who then called Ron and Deb to interview for vacancies in the anesthesia department.

The young couple interviewed and accepted positions at Piedmont Medical Center in September 1987. “It’s been good,” shared Deb. “Moving back to my hometown was fate. At first we thought it was going to be slow-paced but things just kept growing at Piedmont. Plus, we didn’t have to see each other if we didn’t want to.”

Over the last 30 years, Ron and Deb have witnessed countless medical and technological advancements within their field. They’ve also witnessed their family grow to include their son, daughter and two granddaughters. Deb’s mom and dad both still reside in Rock Hill – when talking about her family, Debbie simply said “We are very blessed.”

The Myers have impacted many families and colleagues over the last 30 years. A celebration honoring Ron and Deb for their tireless dedication to the patients and mission of Piedmont Medical Center took place and here are a few photos we'd like to share!

Ron and Deb Myers with teammates Ron and Deb Myers at wedding
Ron Myers in his youth Deb Myers in her youth

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