Debbie's Heart Attack Story

Jun 6, 2019

Ray and Debbie Reynolds, Cardiac Patient, Heart Attack Survivor, Piedmont Medical Center

Debbie and Ray Reynolds live a very active life. They hike, garden and walk their dog two miles every day.

debbie reynolds outside of piedmont medical center smilingIt came as a total shock the day Debbie started to experience chest pains. “I knew there was something wrong,” says Debbie.  “It never dawned on me that you are actually having a heart attack”

When Debbie and Ray arrived at Piedmont Medical Center, the cardiac team immediately went into action. “After they identified it and I saw how fast the heart cath team came in, it put me at ease,” says Ray. “It was very reassuring that they were that fast to jump on the problem.”

Debbie was encouraged and felt at ease because of her interactions with the medical staff and the quality of care she received. “Everybody was very helpful. The nurses, the doctors, the techs, the people that took my bloodwork, everyone I came in contact with was very nice, good and reassuring.”

Ray and Debbie Reynolds posing smiling outside of piedmont medical centerDoctors told Debbie it is important to recognize the warning signs your body is putting off. “You have to listen to what your body is saying. When you feel something out of the ordinary, do what you need to do,” says Debbie, “Listening to my body saved  my life.”

The Reynolds want to spread the word about Piedmont Medical Center’s supportive environment and their grateful outlook on life. “The gift we have is today,” says Debbie, “if we can do something good with today the next day is going to be a little bit better too.”